So... you wanna get lucky?

Mr. Lucky was established in April of 1999 out of dedication to great music and unique arrangements. The result was a band that not only wails in Rock and R&B, but was also twice named The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) "Swing Band of the Year" (2003 & 2005). It began with Rat Pack pilgrims on a quest for swing beyond the zoot suit. Then, without any warning, they found themselves possessed of a kind of sophisticated irreverence -- equally at home in a tux at the reception, or at the pool party in a bawdy bowling shirt. Swing, R&B, Latin, Ballroom, Rock ... who really knows what was in that Martini shaker? The Syndicate's horn-powered sound electrifies the room with pop tunes that really swing, classic tunes that warm the night like fine cognac, and fiery rock that'll toast bread at 50 paces....

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